Things that make you smile

I mentioned before that I love Kelly because she never fails to make people smile.

Today I want to share this piece:

Life Study 16 quilt

Life Study #16 ©2011 Dahlia Clark 9 x 9 inches

This photo is set as the wallpaper when I start my iPad. So I see it…let’s just say many times per day. And yet, it never fails to make me just a little bit happier.

My Life Studies pieces explore the complexity of emotions in relationships, often in a playful way.

Life Study #16 is a very colourful example of a parent-child relationship. I think it functions as a rorschach test; between opinions of friends & family, and comments I have overheard at shows, there is no agreement on whether this piece portrays a sweet relationship, or an overbearing one.

What do you think it portrays?

One thought on “Things that make you smile

  1. Sharon Howard

    Dahlia, life study # 16 – I love duality of this piece I recognize your bold lines and smooth curves from your drawings at Newks class. It is hard to say if this represents a sweet or overbearing relationship, they have no mouths in which to speak or communicate, which could be frustrating or perhaps they communicate very well telepathically or by some other means. Either way I like the piece.

    This is the first time to see your website I like it very much, I am especially drawn to the meditative series.

    Sharon Howard


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