Screen Printing Class Notes

My setup:
I am using a padded 14″ x 20″ ironing board, with a layer of vinyl fabric over top, and an old cotton sheet on top of that.

The two bird images were done with acrylic paint with fabric medium added. The screen was made with wet, torn newspaper. I posted two images, the first and third prints, to show how much the edges softened in subsequent printings.

The flower images were done with a freezer paper stencil. The opaque green one is speedball fabric screenprinting ink, and the more translucent green one is colour vie fabric paint.

I found with all 3 paints I required 2 passes to get solid colour.

The biggest challenge I had, I think, was that my squeegee wasn’t quite wide enough to cover the whole width of the open screen, so in the flower ones where I was printing the whole width, the very edges didn’t always get full coverage.

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