Knowing it can often be hard to “work small” when you first learn something, and knowing that I didn’t want to invest in a larger sketchbook yet, the other day I treated myself to a 50% off canvas when I took the girls to the craft store. I figured I can paint, and repaint, and repaint it, until I get a handle on how I want to play with ideas. All for just $10.

I managed to do some more doodling after dinner, and in doing so made a great little Angry Goat Prince. So that is what I am first painting.

It only took an hour and a half to get the outlines and base layers of paint down, and start to add some patterning. It might have gone even faster, had it not been 11 pm after a long day.

I’m curious to see where this leads – whether I manage to finish it, or whether I experiment to the point of breaking it, then give up and start on something different.

I have also taken the first steps in painting in a sketchbook – I do have one larger sketchbook that was only half filled during a course, but the pages don’t handle wet media so well. So I either need to gesso them or accept much waviness. I suspect I will choose the former, but I will finish the first page before deciding.

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