More Classes

I am trying VERY hard to focus my studio time and energy on the Life Studies series. I’m viewing it as an excellent way to learn and explore, and hopefully build up to the larger pieces I envision, but can’t yet get down on fabric.

I had decided to take no more classes for the time being, in part because it looked like our work would be too busy in the fall. However, it looks like I should have just enough time to take a couple of small ones, both of which have been calling to me.

I think that screen printing is a good tool if I want more consistency in my surface design, and in applying lines to my creatures. I have dabbled in it a little on my own, but I know I will focus better if I participate in a class. I have signed up for Lyric Kinard’s Freeform Screenprinting class at Quilt University.

Likewise I want to develop my art skills further. I have signed up for Lyric Kinard’s Artist’s Toolbox course at Quilt University.

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