Kelly – completed

Kelly - completed giraffe textile art

Kelly ©2013 Dahlia Clark 38 x 53 inches

The combination of the odd perspective, the compelling shapes, and the contrast of values makes it hard initially to identify the subject as a giraffe. Then when it clicks, she seems so gentle and approachable that you just want to reach out and touch her.
– a snippet of my critique of Kelly

Kelly - completed giraffe textile art close-up

Kelly ©2013 Dahlia Clark 38 x 53 inches – Detail

I have an interesting emotional relationship with this piece. It feels like I have created something that will go on to have a life of it’s own. It doesn’t belong to me, in a similar (but less intense) way that my kids don’t belong to me. I’m not sure if it is because it is “Kelly”, or because it is so captivating. Watching people look at this quilt is such a treat. It never fails to make them smile. It never fails to make me smile for that matter.

I am pleased to announce that Kelly is a finalist and will be shown in the International Quilt Festival, Quilts: A World of Beauty, in Houston this Fall. I hope she brightens many people’s days while she is there.

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