Juliet’s quilt

Juliet is in grade one. Several weeks ago she came home with an assignment to take a collection of 100 items into her class on the 100th day of school.

We brainstormed a lot of possibilities, including a quilt of 100 squares. Which is the option she chose. As luck would have it, years before, I had an idea for an all-blue I Spy quilt, and therefore had many blue fabrics with pictures.

Juliet chose all the pictures and squares to cut, and helped with the cutting. She drew and painted some of the squares for it. She sewed every seam with me*, handling the presser foot while I helped guide the fabric. And after my sewing machine gets a well-deserved tune-up, she will learn to do the decorative quilting.

Here she is with her creation:

*Except for the second time I sewed the batting and backing on, after I layered it the wrong way first.

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