The other day while reading through Adventures In Design by Joen Wolfrom I was pondering strong vertical lines in a design.

Brainstorming obvious examples of strong vertical lines, I thought about giraffes. I remembered a giraffe photo from our trip to Africa, that I have always wanted to make a quilt of. Of course it doesn’t have a strong vertical line, but so be it. It’s a worthwhile tangent anyway.

I’ve been very much inspired by the paintings of Oliver Ray but wanted to make sure the doodles were my own voice.

Working on this design has involved more technology than usual. I used Adobe Ideas on the iPad to doodle the shapes on the photograph. I love Adobe Ideas for this, because it smooths out lines as you draw them. Then I used Photoshop on my laptop to colour in the shapes.

Africa #3, sketch (2012) 24″ x 36″

Next I need to design the background, I have several ideas there. Then I will explore some different colour schemes, before deciding whether I will go au naturale or not. Lastly I want to experiment with doodling inside the doodles, whether with thread or ink, and see how I like that.

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