Doodles, painting, and the year of me, me, me!

I am having a lot of fun exploring.

The angry goat prince painting is done:

Angry Goat Prince (2012) 14″ x 18″

Today I managed to develop a doodle while playing with the toddler:

Untitled doodle (2012)

I am going to see how it works on a thermofax screen, and finish filling the page.

I know that a lot of people choose a word for the year ahead, to summarize what they want to accomplish. The best I can come up with is that this is the year of Dahlia. The year that I find my unique path to make art, that I listen to my inner voice every step of the way. The year I capitalize on my strengths, both in the studio and out. The year I laugh at my weaknesses, adjust for them, and let them go. Be the most and best Dahlia I can possibly be.

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