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Things that make you smile

I mentioned before that I love Kelly because she never fails to make people smile.

Today I want to share this piece:

Life Study 16 quilt

Life Study #16 ©2011 Dahlia Clark 9 x 9 inches

This photo is set as the wallpaper when I start my iPad. So I see it…let’s just say many times per day. And yet, it never fails to make me just a little bit happier.

My Life Studies pieces explore the complexity of emotions in relationships, often in a playful way.

Life Study #16 is a very colourful example of a parent-child relationship. I think it functions as a rorschach test; between opinions of friends & family, and comments I have overheard at shows, there is no agreement on whether this piece portrays a sweet relationship, or an overbearing one.

What do you think it portrays?

To everything there is a season

And this one would be summer, which means the end of school and preschool!

We have been working hard on some renovations in the basement; the walls have been repaired and a new concrete floor has been installed.  Once we are finished I will have a mud sink, a 4’x4′ work table, plus a long workbench.    I look forward to having a larger surface to work with.

We are also setting the rest of the basement up as a craft room; the girls and I have grand plans for messy summer activities.

In fiber art news, I took a quilting workshop with Hollis Chatelain, where I had a blast and learned so much.  I have also joined the Grand Guild of Fibre Artists, and look forward to the fun and opportunities!

Lastly, I have finished two quilts.  This first one was personally challenging.  I am drawn to this arrangement of lines, yet I found it so hard terrifying to turn them into a quilt.  Likewise using my doodles as the quilting.  That kind of fear usually indicates I am on the right track, baring my soul for others to view.

I see this as the beginning of a very intriguing series.  I have chosen to call the series Meditations both because minimalist designs such as these are a good focal point for contemplation and meditation; and also because the process of doodle quilting is itself meditative.

Meditation #1 (2012) 24″ x 36″

Then this quilt is the beginning of another series, Arrangements.  These are music inspired pieces; this one is inspired by the song I Have Not Been To Oxford Town by David Bowie.  I smile every time I walk into the room and see it; it captures exactly the sense of decay, despair, and bewilderment I was going for, with a touch of whimsy and lightheartedness.  The poor guy looks so despondent.

Arrangement #2 (2012) 12″ x 12″