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Life Study #2 (pink edition)

Both the PINK and the monochromatic colour scheme were a challenge for me, but as I quilted and finished it, I came around to loving it. There’s something about pink and black together that’s really appealling, and I love the pattern on the baby creature.

Life Study #2 (2011) 9″x9″

works in progress

I’m finding as I take the Working in a Series course, that each assignment has me wanting to make several compositions. As a result, they are only getting to the beginnings of stitching before I move on to the next assignment. This is hard for me; I like to finish projects asap, and I like to share them when they are done!

I am going to share these in their incomplete state for now, and once the course is over I will try to commit to finishing one of these with each new piece I make. Or I will finish them all at once, depending on my whim at the time.

These are my examples of looking at colour.

Life Study #2, in progress (2011)

Life Study #3, in progress (2011)

Life Study #4, in progress (2011)

Life Study #1

I put this together in anticipation of starting the Working in a Series Workshop with Lisa Call.

Life Study #1 (2011) 9″x9″

It started with a doodle I made a couple of years ago, from an exercise in the Art Therapy Kit. I just happened to buy this kit when I was visiting a good friend, and looking for something to play around with while she was at work.

I don’t think I have done any other exercises from the book yet. Funny how one simple thing can springboard you into something fantastic. I am excited to create a series of works from my doodles.