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What I did on my summer vacation

Initially, it was very hard to go without studio time over the summer.  I have adjusted, though, and in hindsight I think the forced vacation has helped me focus on the bigger picture of my art career.

I managed to squeeze in a fair number of hours of drawing and sketching, and I have developed a better understanding of what works for me, in terms of brainstorming and revising.  Plus now I have several ideas to start on in earnest:

Arrangement, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Arrangement #4, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Meditation, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Arrangement #3, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Meditation #1 was juried into the upcoming Fibre Content exhibition in Burlington (my first entry, and my first acceptance!), and I am pulling together entries to a few other shows as I type.  I am also applying for two grants.  One of them may well be a very long shot, but the process is helping me focus and see where I am lacking.  

After this latest revision I am finally happy with my Artist’s Statement:
In my art I capture the relationships that fill our lives and the emotions that colour our days.  I am inspired by the rhythms and patterns of nature and music, and I am always finding life and meaning in the simplest of shapes.

I work in textiles because it is complex, messy, and fun.  Just like life.  The chemistry and serendipity of dyeing fabrics draws me in, then I am challenged to improve them with further surface design, then ultimately the final layer of stitch.”

I am excited to share that I am headed to Texas in September for the first session of a 10-year Master Art Series with Hollis Chatelain.  It is such an incredible opportunity for me, an art class within the context of quilt making.

Doodles, painting, and the year of me, me, me!

I am having a lot of fun exploring.

The angry goat prince painting is done:

Angry Goat Prince (2012) 14″ x 18″

Today I managed to develop a doodle while playing with the toddler:

Untitled doodle (2012)

I am going to see how it works on a thermofax screen, and finish filling the page.

I know that a lot of people choose a word for the year ahead, to summarize what they want to accomplish. The best I can come up with is that this is the year of Dahlia. The year that I find my unique path to make art, that I listen to my inner voice every step of the way. The year I capitalize on my strengths, both in the studio and out. The year I laugh at my weaknesses, adjust for them, and let them go. Be the most and best Dahlia I can possibly be.