Balance & Goals

I’ve long since learned, between health issues, work, and small kids in the house, that having firm studio goals becomes a stress, not an enjoyment.

Generally I just keep a running list of the possible next tasks, and choose what to tackle when I can do something.

I am trying something a little new, now. Jotting down a rough ratio that will hopefully keep my studio goals balanced:

4 doodling/drawing pages
1 doodling on fabric
2 exploring ideas in sketchbook
1 dyeing or fabric painting session
1 thermofax screen designed
4 blog, etc. updates
2 art critiques
1 colour study

Each time I complete one, I put an X beside it. When they all have the right number of X’s, I clear them out and start over again.

At the moment, there is nothing on here that involves making finished quilts. That will come soon, I hope. For now I am enjoying taking a step back, exploring the various steps to a finished quilt, and determining how I can best use my own voice throughout.

This is fun 🙂

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