Arrangement #5 – initial design

Arrangement #5 is inspired by the song Waiting for the beat to kick in, by dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip.

When I listen to this there is so much imagery that pops into my mind. My first thought was a random collection of silhouettes that represent that imagery, in red, on black. Then my mind went to the idea of streets, of a grid, with the silhouettes resting at various points on the grid. I was thinking of the art of Matthew Brannon at the time.

I started with a map of New York, looking for a grouping of roads that pleased the eye. What I found was an arrangement that looked like a pair of drums. I was sold. It was so striking, so full of energy and potential, that I ditched the idea of several silhouettes, and simply chose a pair of drumsticks to provide a focal point, balance the design, and strengthen the context.

Arrangement #5, sketch (2012)

Arrangement #5, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

I experimented further, thickening the lines, rearranging the drumsticks, etc., but none of those variations improved the design. ┬áSo it is staying as it began – except for the drumsticks which are a version 2 – the initial ones were these beautiful tapered shapes that sadly looked more like knitting needles.

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