Monthly Archives: April 2013

Go epic or go home

This was one of those mornings. I woke up with a migraine thanks to the wonderful ice storm. Then I faced the realization that there wouldn’t have been time to paint in the studio this morning anyway; the girls’ schools are closed because of the storm. In the midst of this, I received an email notifying me that two pieces I’d submitted were not selected for a show.

Of course, my first thought (not finished) was “Why do I bother…”

Later, once I’d had a very brief nap on the couch (thank you, My Little Pony!), and had a moment to think, I set to finishing that sentence. It wasn’t “why do I bother making art?”. I have a long list of reasons why I make art, and I’m pretty sure ‘to succeed in entering themed quilt shows’ isn’t on there. (Maybe the question should be “why do I bother entering themed quilt shows” – but I will save that for another day).

The real question is, “Why do I bother making art which doesn’t take my breath away, doesn’t completely wow me?”. When I have a piece rejected, I would like to think “well, at least I love it!”. But with these pieces, I don’t. I am very proud of them in some ways, and there are aspects of them I truly love, but overall, I don’t have a lot of attachment to them.

Up until now, I could make a case for being cautious, not overextending myself on any given piece – I was learning, feeling things out, developing in so many ways. Of course there is always more learning and development. But it is time to take more risks. To aim as high as I can, with each piece.

This is the new addition to my studio:

go epic or go home