Monthly Archives: November 2012

Getting a jump on the new year

This past year I chose a word for the year, to help me focus.

This time, a word has chosen me.


It has been a time of transitions here, and likely will be for some time (or, perhaps, always – we don’t ever seem to embrace “staying the same”).  There have been many obstacles, bumps, and bruises, yet they have not become stumbling blocks.

Every day is a new opportunity to be fabulous.  To make the best choices, to choose the right priorities for available time and energy, and keep moving forward.

I keep a gratitude journal, daily, to practice viewing things in the best possible light.  Fabulous.

I am moving more of my drawing books and activities into the living room, and including the girls in what I do.  Fabulous.

I am using my energy wisely on a daily basis to further our family and household goals.  Fabulous.

I am making drawing, quilting, and furthering a project regular daily activities.  Fabulous.

I am more gentle with myself when I am under the weather, and remember to take good care of my girls’ mama.  Fabulous.