Monthly Archives: October 2012

Best laid plans and all that

I laugh when I think back to my hopes for September.  I figured with daily preschool starting I could get so much accomplished in the studio.

When you factor in one trip (mine), one conference to host (the hubby’s), one sick cat who sadly didn’t make it, two devastated kids, one new kitten, then another sick cat (sibling to the first one) who didn’t die, but required several days of force feeding and many vet trips to pull through…and then there is work.
I am, in fact, thrilled to be back at work after a long hiatus.  I love the challenge and the responsibility.  But 15 hours of preschool and 30 hours of work to do during just doesn’t compute.  
I am learning to be patient.  I am drawing, here and there.  I am chipping away at doing dye tests to build a solid understanding of mixing dyes (you can take the girl out of chemistry class, but you can’t take the chemistry class out of the girl; I am very proud of my dye lab notebook).  I will hopefully start chipping away at quilting Meditation #2 soon.
I also have had a good insight.  I am currently working on two very different series:
Meditations is a series of very simple abstract designs, where I can explore the principles of balance, unity, etc.  I am initially setting myself the constraint of only working with three lines, to focus even further.
Arrangements are music-inspired pieces, where I capture the emotions and situations of a song.  As I listen to music, I am always thinking “how could I represent this visually”.
The other day I had the breakthrough that where I am headed is the junction of the two.  My goal is to take complex emotions, relationships, situations, and represent them as succinctly and abstractly as possible.  Both series are working to lead me to that point.  In one, I can really simplify to focus and flex my design muscles.  In the other, I can explore the nuances that effectively tell a story.  One day I will be ready to combine the two.
I am glad to finally have that clarity.  I’ve been searching for it ever since I said (6 years ago) “I want to make art.  I really like these artists…”.