Monthly Archives: August 2012

What I did on my summer vacation

Initially, it was very hard to go without studio time over the summer.  I have adjusted, though, and in hindsight I think the forced vacation has helped me focus on the bigger picture of my art career.

I managed to squeeze in a fair number of hours of drawing and sketching, and I have developed a better understanding of what works for me, in terms of brainstorming and revising.  Plus now I have several ideas to start on in earnest:

Arrangement, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Arrangement #4, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Meditation, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Arrangement #3, sketch (2012) 12″x12″

Meditation #1 was juried into the upcoming Fibre Content exhibition in Burlington (my first entry, and my first acceptance!), and I am pulling together entries to a few other shows as I type.  I am also applying for two grants.  One of them may well be a very long shot, but the process is helping me focus and see where I am lacking.  

After this latest revision I am finally happy with my Artist’s Statement:
In my art I capture the relationships that fill our lives and the emotions that colour our days.  I am inspired by the rhythms and patterns of nature and music, and I am always finding life and meaning in the simplest of shapes.

I work in textiles because it is complex, messy, and fun.  Just like life.  The chemistry and serendipity of dyeing fabrics draws me in, then I am challenged to improve them with further surface design, then ultimately the final layer of stitch.”

I am excited to share that I am headed to Texas in September for the first session of a 10-year Master Art Series with Hollis Chatelain.  It is such an incredible opportunity for me, an art class within the context of quilt making.