Monthly Archives: April 2012

Algonquin – Part 1

We had a little getaway this weekend. We wanted to see the moose that come down to the highway in Algonquin Park to eat the salt used on the icy roads in the winter.

Last time we went, a few years ago, we saw 24 moose. After much driving this time, I was beginning to think we wouldn’t see any. But finally (of course as soon as the toddler fell asleep) we found one. And yes, we did drive around and find him again when she woke up.

We also spent a lot of time hunting for shells around the lakes.

A couple of sketches inspired by the weekend:

Happy Easter

These are some experiments with shading on fabric. For the bunny I used Inktense pencils, layering them to get the depth and values I wanted. The egg was painted with acrylic inks. Both worked well for shading objects, they can be used on paper or fabric, and are both permanent on fabric.

While the inktense pencils could be used darker, and the acrylic inks diluted, they do have their own natural intensity the way I use them.

Juggling diverse tasks

Generally, when I am most productive in the studio, I am focused on one (type of) task. And all the other tasks fall to the wayside.

I think I need a different approach. I need to apply routine here too.

I am going to schedule my weekday hours for current quilts in progress. Evening hours for drawing (I have a goal of drawing 7 hours per week), all computer work, and reading/research. Then use the few weekend hours for experimentation.