I am often amazed by how quickly I can take big steps in the studio.

I wanted to change the fabrics I work with, use ones that look more painterly. I envisioned it would take several weeks of experimenting to find a good approach. I started with a good long list of techniques to try for the next month or two. Then I chose the first technique based on gut feeling & supplies, and was thrilled with the resultant fabrics for a first attempt. So I can throw away the rest of the technique list, and move onto the next big step.

There is a big gap in my process, I think, of playing with ideas and experimenting, before I make a work of art. My next big step is to figure out what techniques/approaches work for me, to flesh out and explore ideas in a sketchbook.

I would like to take the Creative Sketchbook course through Design Matters, but given that I’ve allocated/spent my 2012 workshop budget already (talented, I am!), I will need to rely on library books and other free resources. My other limitations are to mostly use supplies on hand (luckily I am pretty well stocked).

I suspect this big step won’t be the 24 hour kind, but regardless it should be fun, and hopefully relatively quick too. It would be good to have my process sorted before I start the Abstraction workshop with Lisa Call in February.

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