Monthly Archives: December 2011


Once I am all ready for Christmas, I start thinking about the new year. I love the beginning of a new year. I’m not generally the type to party the night away on New Year’s Eve; instead I am happily dealing with the loose ends of the old year, so I can start anew on New Year’s Day.

Apparently this sentiment also applies in the studio. I have spent the past few weeks finishing projects: the sea creature quilt for my little girl’s room, and the eight small quilts that were in progress.

I am ready to start anew. It is not lost on me that January is named for the Roman god Janus, who could look forward and back at the same time, given that he had two faces. I might not have two faces, but the end of one year and the beginning of the next provides a good vantage point for reviewing the past and using it to inform the future.

This past year, particularly in the past six months, I have accomplished much in the studio. I have created several pieces in my Life Studies series; in doing so, I have improved my skills and clarified what most appeals to me in these works.

There are three quilts in the series that I am truly thrilled with. Looking at these together, I can see several common elements: strong lines, strong emotion, high contrast, complexity, and vibrant, warm colors.

Life Study #9 (2011) 9″x9″

Life Study #15 (2011) 9″x9″

Life Study #16 (2011) 9″x9″

I didn’t see this, until I looked at all the pieces together. Now I have this understanding, I can see that it will change my upcoming work significantly.

I have been exploring more with surface design; screen printing, using resists, and over dyeing.

I have also made drawing a regular practice, and I have just started down an exciting new path combining doodling and surface design. I don’t know quite where it will lead yet, but I can’t wait to figure it out next year.

I aim to start 2012 with a month or two of very messy play, creating a good stack of fabrics and fine tuning my dyeing and painting techniques.

I will be starting work on my Life on Mars series, with both imaginary plants and animals, and those that are so bizarre they might as well be from another planet.

I will be drawing regularly still, improving my abilities there.