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improv leaf

After seeing this tutorial

I made this:

I cut out a leaf shape, cut it in half, then made cuts on both sides for the veins. I sewed in the side veins, then center vein. I reassembled the whole leaf before sewing into the background. I used a separate piece of blue fabric on each side of the leaf, with enough overlap to seam the blue together after. I put the leaf on a piece of blue, traced the outer curve of the leaf onto the blue, then cut about 3/16″ inside this line to make my curve for sewing. I pinned the curves before sewing, in part because the blue background fabric was more prone to stretching than the leaf. Once the leaf was sewn in, I sewed the blue pieces together, then cut the blue and inserted the branch. I pressed the seams towards where I wanted the bulk – so away from the veins, and away from the blue background fabric.

I could have started with a larger leaf; a lot of the original size is lost in the seam allowances when you start cutting. And doing tapered veins changes the shape of the leaf a lot, too, which means trimming to make the centers match up again. I ended up using 1/8″ seams so as to not lose more size.