Monthly Archives: April 2010

And here it is in full, the final assessment piece for my course.

Overall, I am more than pleased with the final quilt, both with the individual elements, and the overall flow. It captures exactly the richness of a forest that I wanted to depict. And I feel I succeeded in my intent to make it a cubist rendition. The final piece suits the designated space well; it’s colours, size, and style are just right.

If I were to make this piece again, I would use more muted fabrics for the small tree trunks, so they didn’t compete with the central trunks. I would also do more shading on the rocks, perhaps use two tones of fabric for each rock, as well as more stitching. I would also add more shading, and perhaps beads, to the centers of the trilliums, which I may still do.

I have mixed feelings about the layouts of the trunks (both big and small), and the simplicity of the dark foliage. Given time I would have played around with these further.