Monthly Archives: March 2010

Cubist Forest – Flowers

The flowers were stamps I made using craft foam and wood. I used Speedball screenprinting inks to paint them.

I found it was very easy to shade and highlight the colours as I put the paint onto the stamp, so that I can give the flowers some real depth.

Cubist Forest – Mushrooms

These guys were fun to do.

I took a batik fabric, and ironed on freezer paper mushrooms. I applied Presist around the freezer paper, and then removed the freezer paper when it was dry. Then I used bleach thickened with alginate to discharge the mushroom shapes. After the bleach I used a peroxide solution to neutralize it. Finally I used oil pastels to subtly shade them, and ironed to set.

Snow dyeing, part 4

For this piece I used my dye concentrates. Diluted x of fuchsia in y …

I soaked the yard of fabric in a solution of:
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp soda ash
1/4 tsp sodium hexametaphosphate

when the snow had mostly melted, I warmed the fabric in the microwave (2 minutes on high) then left at room temperature for an hour.

To wash my pieces, I first let them soak in a little clean water for a couple of hours. This seems to decrease the number of washes. Then I wash in cold water, extra wash, extra rinse, with a little synthrapol lf. Then I wash in hot water with detergent for two cycles.

Dye concentrates

For the next round of dyeing, I made concentrates with:

1 cup warm water
2 tbsp urea
1/4 tsp sodium hexametaphosphate
1 tsp sodium sulfate
2 tbsp dye powder (for fuchsia and yellow; 4 or 5 tbsp for turquoise – I got interrupted while counting)

Cubist forest

This is the design mock-up for a cubist forest quilt, the final assessment piece for my City & Guilds course.

It will be constructed from commercially printed, hand dyed, and hand painted fabrics. Most of the elements will have these fabrics developed further with surface treatments (stamped flowers, leaves, textures). Some of the elements (the stream pieces) will have multiple fabrics pieced together.