Monthly Archives: December 2009

Initial idea for Assessment 1

A large cushion 18“ square, with a cream base, and 3-dimensional leaves and flowers applied. The flowers will be warm-toned, ranging from yellow to red. The leaves will be based on common houseplants.

This was inspired by a photo I once saw, of a square plate of salad, with flowers made out of fruits and vegetables. The shape & curve of the plate, combined with the mound of salad and flowers, made it look like a very complex pillow.

A purely decorative cushion, to extend the decor of the sitting room onto the sofa.

A mixture of hand-dyed, hand painted, and commercially printed fabrics will be used. All fabrics and threads will be 100% cotton. Pillow insert will be a polyester pillow form, to give the structure needed.

The flowers will be created with a variety of fabric folding techniques. Leaves will be two layers of fabric, quilted with light batting. Multicoloured leaves will be created using reverse applique.